Jo Ventham BSc (hons) FHT

Whatever your symptoms, it is essential to consult your GP/Consultant so that all tests can be carried out for both partners, and a diagnosis made as regards the cause of infertility.


I have been practicing Reflexology since 2000 and have seen many different examples of women unable to conceive without further help, but who have found Reflexology to be just what they needed.


I have found that a combination of factors usually create infertility problems. In my experience Reflexology helps to restore vital energy and reduce the impact of stress.

Here is a small list of some typical problems that cause imbalances to the body’s functioning and thereby disrupt fertility.


  • STRESS RELATED PROBLEMS (excessive worrying, or pressure at home or work).
  • MENSTRUAL CYCLE PROBLEMS such as irregular or heavy periods.
  • PRE-MENSTRUAL SYNDROME becoming over tense, mood swings and various physical symptoms.
  • HORMONAL IMBALANCES varying degrees of oestrogen/progesterone.

  • BLOCKED or DAMAGED FALLOPIAN TUBES…narrowed or blocked tubes as a result of scarring from infection, endometriosis, or an ectopic pregnancy may sometimes prevent fertilisation.
  • ENDOMETRIOSIS is a condition where fragments of the uterine lining migrate through the fallopian tubes to other parts of the pelvic cavity. These fragments can bleed and cause pain during menstruation.
  • CERVICAL PROBLEMS a hormone imbalance may cause thick cervical mucus that blocks the sperm as they travel along the woman’s reproductive tract.
  • POLYCYSTIC OVARIES a complex condition that includes many symptoms. Essentially means that small cysts form on the ovaries due to a hormone imbalance.
  • PELVIC INFLAMMATORY DISEASE is an infection of the female reproductive tract. e.g. cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries can all become inflamed.


For many women, the stress and anxiety associated with failing to conceive can be overwhelming and the reflexology treatment can make them feel more positive and relaxed allowing them to deal with their fertility issues in a more positive way.

Fertility reflexology promotes fertility by positively directing the flow of vital energy to where it is needed.


Reflexology is holistic – it works towards bringing the body into a state of balance, encouraging the body’s systems to work to their optimum.

Reflexology is not a magic cure-all, it cannot guarantee a pregnancy, unblock fallopian tubes, treat Chlamydia or cure endometriosis. It can however create a healthier environment for a possible pregnancy to occur by encouraging the body to work more efficiently.

A typical course of treatment would involve around six to eight treatments.

I believe my own success in treating women who are challenged by fertility comes from my abiding passion for my work combined with a long experience as a Reflexologist and intuitive connection to my clients mind, body and spirit.

I look forward to working with you.

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